Pople and Broad Opticians – Price List

Eye Exam Fees

Eye Exam TypePrescription & Eye Health CheckOptomapOCTExam FeePVP Covered?
Enhanced UltimateYYY£85 / £60 NHSY
Enhanced PlusYNY£65 / £40 NHSY
EnhancedYYN£45 / £25 NHSY
Other Services OfferedPrice
Contact Lens Fit Standard (new wearer)£85
Contact Lens Aftercare (soft and RGP)£45
Additional Contact Lens Trial£30
Enhanced Sight Test & Contact Lens Aftercare£85.
Punctal Plugs£120 - permanent
£30 - dissolvable
Basic MECS (no scans or prescribing +/- 1 follow up)£45
IP / Complex MEXS (scans +/- prescribing +/- 1 follow up£85 (no follow up if Opthamologist assesses px)
Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) Adult£40.00
Octomap Adult£25
Octomap / OCT Children15
Visual Field Exam£30
Coloured Overlay Assessment£30
Eyelash Removal£15
Letters / Reports / Licence£25
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