Contact Lenses

Although contact lenses have been around for more than a century, the past decade has seen tremendous developments in lens materials and design to bring even greater benefits to contact lens wearers.

Today, almost all eyesight conditions can be corrected with contact lenses. Despite advances in spectacle lens technology and the advent of surgical techniques such as laser refractive surgery, contact lenses provide many advantages and a very successful form of vision correction. New manufacturing technology has also made contact lenses more affordable than ever before. That’s why there are now 3.7 million contact lens wearers in the UK, which represents nine per cent of adults aged 15-64 years.


Our Top 10 reasons for wearing contact lenses

  • Contact lenses offer natural all-round vision whilst enhancing your appearance
  • Contact lenses are simple and convenient to use and expand lifestyle choices
  • Contact lenses have many advantages for sport and leisure activities
  • Contact lenses can be worn every day, part-time or just for going out and special occasions
  • Vision with contact lenses can be as good as, or better than with spectacles
  • Contact lenses offer a safe, effective, stable, and reversible alternative to refractive surgery
  • Contact lenses can correct almost all eyesight conditions and are suitable for people of all ages
  • Adaptation to contact lenses is rapid and trouble-free
  • The latest contact lenses and solutions provide excellent comfort and eye health
  • Some eye conditions can only be corrected with contact lenses

At Pople and Broad Opticians we fit and supply all types of contact lenses for virtually any prescription :

Daily Disposable contact lenses – probably our first choice now, safe, hygienic, convenient; perfect for full time or part time wear

Monthly Disposable – similar to daily disposable but they last a month and are disinfected every evening ; perfect if you want to wear contact lenses full time and keep the cost down

Toric contact lenses – these are available in both daily and monthly form and correct astigmatism; if you have a more complex prescription these will offer you the best visual outcome

Multifocal contact lenses – if you are over 40 and need correction for both distance vision and near vision; otherwise known as presbyopia then multifocal lenses can offer correction; again available in both daily and monthly form.

Gas permeable/rigid contact lenses – although these lenses are fitted less frequently nowadays they can sometimes offer a better optical outcome than soft lenses.

For more information your suitability for contact lenses have a chat to your optometrist.

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